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Arya will kill Daenerys in the episode 6 following Melisandre’s prophecy that she will kill Green Eyes?

Game of Thrones directors have tried to reach the end of the chapters of GRRM’s book by skipping a lot of chapters that were supposed to build up the negative character of Daenerys and thats why we are getting such a sudden transition of her character which ofcourse does not seem justified but they have to end it soon so there is no choice. Meanwhile, if you are interested in knowing what might happen in the end episode of the game of thrones, here’s the deal. SPOILER ALERT*** (Please read below section only if you are interested to know the end of Game of Thrones prior to watching it! I have collected this prediction based on certain sources and readings. This is just the gist of the last episode.) Since Danerys assaulted the Kings Landing, her character have turned into a sudden nightmare for people and especially for Jon Snow. She is going to imprison Tyrion for betraying her and releasing Jaime and will execute Tyrion for that. Seeing this, Jon will stab Daenerys and surrender himself to the people. Now, what exactly will happen to him is not clear right now ( he might take drogon as his pet). Then, there will be voting held among the people and Bran we will be voted as the ultimate king of the seven kingdoms. So at the end, Bran will sit on the iron throne (which I don’t know if exists anymore). All in all, a disappointing ending is what's going to happen.

It will be the 14th probably. HBO wants to be eligible for the Emmy’s which means they need to air the first episode before June 2nd. May 26th is Memorial Day weekend which Game of Thrones has aired before but they might not want to air the highly anticipated finale, which I *think* they want to make an event outside of an established holiday, meaning they’ll end the week before. Counting back it’s six episodes which means they’ll start the 14th. Which also makes sense why they chose tomorrow because if they announce it will be a clean three month waiting period.

Predictions for the Game of Thrones finale?

Arya kills the Queen Daenerys. Jon and Tyrion handles Daenerys’ armies. Varys was writing a letter at the beginning of the episode during the day. He got executed by night. He definietly sent his letter to the person he wants. Tyrion and Jon saw what Dany did. They cant let things continue this way. Not while Arya is still there. They owe this to the people died in King’s Landing and to Varys, especially Tyrion. What can they do? I think they will bring every possible army together to defeat Dany’s. Arya will write Gendry who is in Storm’s End right now to bring an army to help them defeat Dany. They have mentinoed Dorne’s army in S8E4. Varys might wrote the letter to them. They can come to fight along side Jon. Dornish men were the only army to defeat a dragon. I hope they will do it again, hopefully in the same way. A spear to the eye of Drogon. At least they help Jon to defeat them. Either Arya or Sansa can write Edmure to bring his own army. Jon will write to Sansa to send the Knights of the Vale. Jon already has the Northeners with him. Jon might even write Tormund for help. Jon, Tyrion, Davos and Arya bring all the remaining armies together. What about Drogon? As I already mentioned Dornish man can handle it. But what if they cant? There come Bran Stark and possibly Samwell Tarly. They will reveal North’s best secret weapon against Drogon. Arrows made from Weirwoods. If you dont know, When Aegon the Conqueror came to North to make them surrender, that times King in The North Torrhen Stark’s half-brother Brandon Snow offeted Torrhen to sneak into Targaryen’s camp in darkness and slay the beasts with Arrows made from weirwood trees. But Torrhen just chose not to and kneelt. Who can do what Brandon Snow offered in our story? Arya Stark. She did even sneak on Whitewalkers, no reason she cant do the same with Drogon. And also, we are talking about Arrows. And Arya was practicing her shots on screen few times during the first half of the season 8. And also in the S1E1: She can slay the beast and let Jon to handle Dany. (1 more little thing to add: My Fear is Arya’s plan to assassinate Daenerys somehow backfires and Dany burns her and Jon defeats Dany for Arya. But thats not what I think it’ll happen, I just wanted to mention it.)

What clues do you see in the Game of Thrones S8E6 preview?

I think based on the short teaser for Episode 6 that Tyrion will die. I hate to see him die but it just feel like he needs to go. Dany will find out he let Jaime go and she can’t tolerate that kind of BS anymore, now that she has proven herself to be ruthless. I feel bad for Tyrion. Even if he’s not dead how can be the hand of the “mad queen” now? Arya is a bit shocked too and frankly as am I. I did not expect Dany to burn the city, although I knew she would do something stupid. Arya now is even more motivated to do something, maybe try to kill Dany. I am still thinking Jon will kill her but we shall see. We’ve got 80 minutes to figure it out. The main remaining question is who did Varys write to and if the receivers of the note will act upon it. Presumably he wrote to the Northerns lords as they are mostly the ones who are left alive but will they bend the knee to Jon knowing his parental heritage. He is still the son of the North, king even in their minds.

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